I have been very fortunate to be able to make use of Anzelle’s services for over a year. From acupuncture to facials to massages – Anzelle is truly talented and I have come away from each session feeling like a $1million! I could do away with most things in life, but not my visits to Cape Acupuncture!!!

Dawn Beech

I went to Anzelle for a specific reason and was over the moon to get positive results ! She is also an amazing person , professional, positive and a good listener . I would recommend her without a doubt 🙂

Glenda Ingram

Thanks Anzelle for an awesome acupuncture treatment & back massage. My shoulder is soooo much better- what a relief of the pain in my shoulder. Well recomended 😊 & the Wheatgrass is great, it’s given me energy,

Collette Fuller-Gee

Since starting acupuncture 6 months ago I’ve started to feel human again,it’s helped not only alleviate my chronic inflammation and nausea but also helped calm my mind. The pain in my lower back has also disappeared. Anzelle is really knowledgeable and really cares about her patients and their wellbeing. Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternate to traditional medicine to manage their illness in a non invasive drug free way.

Carla Whitehead

Since I have been going to Cape Acupuncture I have Been sooooo happy I am more relaxed than ever before I love going there even though I hate needles I look forward to seeing Anzelle she is so welcoming and so caring I have definitely made a GREAT new friend,,, thank you Cape Acupuncture.

Bronwyn Minnaar

Wow! I went for reflexology and it was truly amazing. I feel so relaxed now, like a had a holiday! Thank you for the professional treatment and the friendly advice! Definitely coming back!

Judy Walter

Thank you, Anzelle, for providing a balance in my life I didn’t think was possible. For over 15 years I’ve been struggling with panic attacks. Then came the high BP, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, weight gain – I didn’t know where it started or where it would end. Homeopathy was helping, but not eliminating the symptoms. Anzelle’s amazing acupuncture finally gave my body the boost it needed to sort itself out – my IR was reversed, BP gone, hormones sorted (well, as far as they would be in my late 40s!) and I’m even losing weight – something no diet could achieve! Don’t underestimate the power of the little needles and a talented practitioner.

Christine De Nobrega

After few sessions at Cape Acupuncture, I can honestly say it is the most relaxing and healing experience ever. Working on different lines of energy in your body- treating different areas of pain as well as mental conditions, I highly recommend Anzelle @ Cape Acupuncture for your next treatment! Big thumbs up and a must do!

J.A. Brand